The EBFC Code of Conduct is part of East Bengal Football Club’s continuing endeavor to uphold and maintain the spirit of sportsmanship in the religion of football.

  • We respect the game of football and always play within the “Laws of the Game”
  • We accept the referee’s decision and let our football captain or our football coach ask any relevant questions
  • We always do our best and are committed to Football, our Squad and our Club
  • We believe in being a ‘good sport’. We applaud good play of all forms, whether by our team or the opposition
  • We treat all players as we would like to be treated. We do not bully or take advantage of any football player
  • We have a firm and public commitment to the principle that lasting and meaningful football performance can only be achieved through fair means
  • Everybody who participates in East Bengal Football Club will receive from their fellow players, football coaches and club officials, and parents/guardians and football fans, fairness and ethical treatment in a safe and welcoming football environment, free of harassment and abuse
  • East Bengal Football Club volunteers will be respected and recognized for their efforts to make participation possible and rewarding for football players of all ages
  • Football players, coaches and team officials representing East Bengal Football Club in the national/international sports arena will conduct themselves, in both victory and defeat, in a manner that brings pride to Indian football
  • As a sports organization in receipt of public funding, East Bengal Club will be fully accountable for the use of such resources and will be transparent and democratic in all aspects of organizational life