Harmajyot Singh Khabra interview: "Hope the youngsters keep performing"

Posted on 05/06/15 by Kingfisher East Bengal

In an exclusive interview with eastbengalfootballclub.com, Kingfisher East Bengal captain for the 2014-15 season Harmanjyot Singh Khabra spoke about the recently concluded season.

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Q: As you look back at the season, how happy or sad are you with the results?


Khabra: There were a lot of ups and downs. The sad part is that we got some unlucky results, like in the Kolkata Derby. I am happy that we played our best football in some of our away matches, like in Pune and Goa. However, I think we could have done much better in the AFC Cup.


Q: What was the biggest positive for KEB this season?


Khabra: Firstly, the youngsters performed their best in the Calcutta Football League in the absence of the senior players, and we won the league. I hope they keep performing in the coming season.


Q: The team has come close to winning the title in recent seasons, but haven't crossed the finish line. What do you think has been the biggest reason for that?


Khabra: We had some unexpected setbacks and regular injuries within the team, which hampered our performance in some vital matches.


Q: What are the biggest improvements that are required in the team over the summer?


Khabra: I believe that a goalkeeper and a good defender who can guide the team from behind.


Q: Have the changes in management affected the team?


Khabra: In my opinion, players should not bother about management. I think players need to be more professional.


Q: Personally, how do you rate your performance this season?


Khabra:  I'd say seven on ten.


Q: What do you think about India's chances in the World Cup qualifiers?


Khabra: We can definitely make it. Nothing is impossible. It’s time to make history.


Q: Who is the funniest player in the team?


Khabra: Baldeep Singh


Q: Who is the hardest working in training?


Khabra: Everyone gives their best. I really got inspired to work hard after seeing Dudu and Deepak Mondal. 


Q: Name one Indian player you would want KEB to sign.


Khabra: Eugenson Lyngdoh


Q: Name one young KEB player who you think will make it big in the future. 


Khabra: All the youngsters have great future, but they need to be more focused. I feel Avinash Ruidas is one of them, but he has a long way to go.


Q: Who would you pick from the KEB team if you were making a 5-a-side team?


Khabra: Robert, Mehtab, Deepak, Luis Barreto & myself.


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